Monday, May 2, 2011

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Hw: rj 12.1

So no one did the blog on friday, so there was nothing to read. We started off with notes. We're reviewing for the CST. Matthew just got caught with his phone by Ms. Nakada. He made it a little obvious.Then Ms. Nakada's phone goes on and she tells Cushan that yes, she can text but not us. Ms. Nakada is taking about how Mr. Hastings is like a giraffe, and Ms. nakada is like...and gary says an ant. Then Ms. nakada says that she is like a koala bear. Well the bell just rang just rang, and Andrew just yelled out Yes! well bye

Quiz #4 make ups
6th Grade Review
HW: Review Notes

Were correcting quiz #4 and well I did good on it. Everyone is doing makeups and well I finished. My head wants to start hurting, cuz it's hot.Well, Juliet keeps on saying Lorena's middle name and it's getting her mad:D. Ms. Nakada is talking about how cave men were dumb, and how they didn't have a language. Then Ms. Nakada says that when you are thinking of cave men you're thinking of.. and Cushan answers Kemonte!lol Well the bell is about to ring so bye! :)

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